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Specific steps to upgrade?2017-01-21
Q: Specific steps to upgrade?

A: Before the upgrade, make sure your device and server are in the same network.
Manual upgrade (Based on HTTP example):
1.   Login in the device’s web page.
2.   Click the button “Phone Maintenance”, choose “Http Upgrade”.
3.   Click the button “Browse… ”, find what you want, click on the corresponding button. The software upgrade process may take few minutes, after that, it will automatically restart.
Automatic updates (Based on TFTP example):
1.   At first, configure a file *.cfg, and put in your TFTP server directory. Make sure the file name is same as the name inside *.cfg (If you want more detail,please refer to user manual.).
2.   Open the option “Auto Provision”, fill TFTP server’s IP address in the blank of “software server url”. There is no need name and password in TFTP Server, so you can ignore it.
3.   Selected the options you need, but don’t forget do somecorrespondingconfiguration in the TFTP Server (if you want more about automatic updates, please refer to user manual).