Senior management of enterprises have following requirements for communication application scenarios:

1, Elegant design, intended for business and building noble image of leadership;

2, Simple and nice user interface that’s easy to use;

3, Efficient and stable call quality, with excellent effect of hands-free calls made in individual office;

4, Full-featured device that offers secretary function, with one-key dial calling to common contact (BLF / Speed Dial);

Univois’s solution for enterprise senior management and its advantages:
Univois recommends to enterprise senior management U8KS video phone, which offers elegant commercial design, with 7-inch color LCD touch screen and 2.4-inch black and white dot-matrix screen, incorporates black and shiny element of piano as decoration of the display area and the dial keypad, and in addition, optimizes such details as the relief button lights of the primary and secondary panel, synchronous display on dual-screen, multi-angle adjustable bracket,  electronic hook and anti-twisting helix of handset.

U8KS also supports HD Voice high fidelity of dual sound effect and G.722 coding, and further supports H.264 video encoding, which offers high-quality audio and video call quality, greatly improve the efficiency of communications of managers. U8KS supports UniBT (USB headset Bluetooth adapter), releasing your hands and breaking traditional constraints to make phone calls while doing other things; U8KS also supports UniWIFI, which provides wifi network the moment it’s connected, so it's time to throw away your desktop network cable. U8KS supports other APP such as stock software, Skype and Lync2010.

U8KS provides beautiful graphic operation design, user-friendly UI and easy operation, supporting storage of 5000 contacts. It’s MPL (Mobile Phone Line) feature helps import your cellphone contacts into U8KS, with intelligent matching search to help quickly find and call a contact person. In addition, U8KS supports 90 paperless programmable keys which can be used to set your favorite contacts, BLF, intercom, speed dial.