Enterprise middle management, as a connecting link between the senior management and the basic staff, requires efficient communication and coordination at work. And As one of the important features of middle management, high efficiency is required as following:

1, Efficient communication, quickly finding a contact person and establishing a stable and clear call;

2, Simple user interface that’s easy to use;

3, Efficient and stable three-way conference calling and excellent effect of hands-free calls made in individual office;

4, Further strengthening communication and improving work efficiency, supporting mobile Call Pickup via Bluetooth headset and cell phone;

Univois’s solution for middle management and its advantages:
Univois recommends to enterprise middle management U6S IP phone with USM18-LCD expansion module, which is a Gigabit color screen phone, with a 4.5-inch 480x854 resolution screen, with up to 90 paperless programmable keys that can quickly be configured as BLF, speed dial to common contacts / Speed Dial, Intercom, etc, which shall be displayed, and the whole process is simple, environment-friendly and beautiful, without necessity to repeatedly write and erase on paper.

U6S can connect up to two USM18-LCD expansion module to extend or group common contacts, and each USM18-LCD goes with a 4.5-inch 480x854 resolution color LCD screen with 20 DSS buttons and can expand to 2 modules by flippin, namely, a USM18-LCD expansion module  supports supports 36 paperless programmable keys.

U6S also supports UniBT (USB headset Bluetooth adapter), releasing your hands and breaking traditional constraints  so that managers can make phone calls while doing other things, achieving efficient communication. In addition, U6S also supports UniWIFI, which provides wifi network the moment it’s connected, so it's time to throw away your desktop network cable.