Basic staff, as a majority of staff in an enterprises, require phones to be simple and common, but for network administrators, the flowing of general staff and the mass deployment and management of general staff is the most urgent issue to solve:

1, Mass deployment, plug and play;

2, Simple user interface that’s easy to use;

3, Settings of LAN access security and VLAN  classification of voice & data;

4, Efficient and stable three-way conference calling and excellent effect of hands-free calls made in individual office;

Univois’s solution for basic staff and its advantages:
Univois has designed a variety of IP phones for basic staff, and the classic model U1 is recommended, which  provides black and white 128x64 dot matrix screen with 4-line  display and backlight. U1 offers three lines multifunctional keys and 15 paperless programmable key, supporting H.264 video encoding, which offers HD high-fidelity sound and wideband G.722 voice encoding. And both enterprise phonebook and personal phonebook are supported, with intelligent matching search to help quickly find and call a contact person, realizing efficient communication.

U1 supports multiple mass automatic deployment methods such as PNP, DHCP option66 and Auto-provisioning etc, so that auto-provisioning will get started and staff can access his own account and phonebook when U1 is powered on.

As our classic product, U1 is an ideal choice for basic staff, as it’s full-featured, easy–to-use and cost-effective.