5.8G WiFi IP Phone Enhanced WiFi Fast Connection


Univois 5.8G WiFi IP Phone Enhanced WiFi Fast Connection
Now throw away your network cables !

EWFC Advantages
Totally solve the voice quality issue with the VoWLAN, Enjoy wonderful Voice over WIFI network!

EWFC Equipment
5.8G Hz WiFi family
U8KS / U8S / U7KS / U7S / U6S / U3S
WiFi Accesspoint
AP-3 / UniWiFi

Q1: Are you complaining low quality voice and unstable connection of your wifi phone?
A: Univois 5.8G HZ WIFI IP phones can solve these problems completely.

Q2:It is troublesome that every IP Phone requires complicated network settings manually.
A: EWFC realizes fast wifi phones deployment.What you should do is conecting the AP-3 to network and powering on the  wifi ip phones, then the wifi ip phones will connect the network automatic.

Q3: Nowadays, WIFI is more and more popular, especially widely- used for computers. It is inconvenient  to configure a special switch for an ip phone with cables.
A: Univois 5.8G WIFI Phones are designed to replace wired ip phones, they have exact the same functions as wired phones.

Q4: How to ensure the security of communication on a wireless IP phone?
A: EWFC can ensure wireless network security with one-key encryption.

Q5: Computer and IP phone may affect each other when sharing the same wireless network.
A: EWFC makes sure that the computer and ip phone connect to network separately. They will not affect each other at all.

Q6: Does EWFC need to change configuration of main network or IPPBX?
A: No need to change configuration of main network and IPPBX when using EWFC. AP-3 AP supports POE and DHCP, so just plug and play.

Q7: Where to use EWFC?
A: It is suitable for offices, warehouses, hotels, SOHO etc..