Company news

Escene Communication Co., Limited took part in Germany CEBIT expo from June 11st to 15th, 2018, achieving complete success.

CEBIT (Center for Office Automation, Information Technology and Telecommunication) is a European innovation and digitalize commercial carnival. This trade fair is the largest and most globally information industry expo, attracting nearly 3,000 companies from 70 countries to attend this year.

Escene Communication, as a leading designer and manufacturer of domestic brand in the IP Phone area, is devoted to provide cost-effective, user-friendly IP end product with intelligent design.

At the exhibition, Escene has meticulously prepared and displayed the ES28X series phone products and Univois series IP phones. With its unique design style, high performance and high quality, it gives a new feeling to the visiting customers.

At the same time, Escene has offered EWFC (5.8G WIFI IP Phone Fast Connection Solution). It’s a solution for fast installation of IP voice terminal which include Escene Wi-Fi access Point AP-3 and WiFi IP phones, achieving highly reliable, plug-and-play, quick-install terminal deployment.

We get affirmative feedback from customers at CeBIT many visitors spend time to see product demo.  Eight of them buy phone samples at site, especially favor of the U6S, U3S with new design and WIFI phone solution.

1) U6S, U3S with new design

We reduce the thickness of phone body, make it slim like Cisco phone style.  People prefer slim design. On the other hand, we make these desktop phone equipped with wireless electricity charging dock, realize a new application for high-end office work.  It is called "cell phone for business".

User scenario like this:

People finish business trip and come back to office, he put cell phone on the dock for wireless charging electricity.  When cell phone rings (there is GSM call from customer, inbound call comes in), he can use hands-free mic/speaker to answer the phone call. Moreover, he can transfer the GSM call to engineer's extension number (SIP line).

In other words, cell phone can pair with desktop phone and become interactive. On the other hand, when he need to leave his seat (move within the company), he can use cell phone to answer SIP call from colleagues internally. This is achieved by installing communication assistant App on cell phone, the App name is called EP+.

2) WIFI phone solution

We improve our WIFI phone solution.

WIFI phones combine access point AP-3 become a proprietary solution, has outstanding feature and advantages:

*  PnP(Plug-and-Play) very convenient, suitable for large-scale deployment

*  5.8GHz  WIFI  make VoIP  better voice quality and network more stable.

Such proprietary combination has been proven in China market, we successfully do some projects here in china. End user like it very much. For example, Hitachi Elevator, Ping An Bank etc.attached document explain more details.

2018 CEBIT Expo ended perfectly. Thanks for your kindly support. Escene will continue to provide customers with premium, cost-effective, user-friendly VOIP phone featured with lightweight design.